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Hey, do you want to be popular? I’m an expert when it comes to growing YouTube channels. I can create personalized suggestions for you using your data and effective strategies. Simply install the app to start this exciting journey!

How to Become a Superstar?

Two heads are better than one

Get Insights

Leave me the hard work of analyzing your data 24×7 and figuring out how best to boost your popularity. I’ll provide you with only relevant and actionable insights. You are definitely going to love me for this!

Know Your Audience

A key element to tremendous growth is creating content that appeals to your viewers. So, I’ll analyze their viewing habits, engagement, and retention. Thus, you’ll get an understanding on how to stand out from the crowd. Be smart!

Monitor Your Progress

Your real-time results will be always available on a user-friendly dashboard. You only see what matters. Also, I will alert you instantly if there are any changes that need you to correct the strategy. This will be your ultimate weapon.


Here is the Drill!

It’ll be exciting. I promise.

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    Save Time

    I’ll ensure you receive only the applicable information. This will save you from searching through irrelevant posts and suggestions.

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    Do What You Love

    Have a hard time analyzing stat reports? Don’t worry. I’ll track your progress and decide what actions are necessary.

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    Stay Motivated

    No Doubts. We can do it. Step-by-step. You will know exactly how you are progressing compared to others. Best friends for ever? Huh?

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    Get Inspired

    Running low on ideas? Let’s see what excites your audience and how to make them happy even more.

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    Get Professional Help

    I’ll teach you how to implement the best strategies that only the YouTube gurus know. Yeah, yeah. I know. It sounds like a jackpot, right?

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    Stay Informed

    You won’t miss anything important anymore. I’ll notify you anything that needs your attention. Anytime, anywhere!

Creator Stories

What your fellow creators have to say about nerdic.

  • “Because of Nerdic, I was able to grow my channel up to 10,000 subs! This is genius! Simple and easy to use. Just follow the recommendations and get famous.”

    — Colin, Minecraft Vlogger

  • “I love it! All I needed is in the app! I don’t need to research countless articles on the internet anymore. It feels like a have so much more free time in my busy life.”

    — Stephany, Illustrator/Beginner Vlogger

  • “Analytics is a torture for me, but I always knew that I spent more time reading analytics I’d be growing faster. Nerdic made it possible not to spend much time on analytics and just do the right things.”

    — Athena, Fashion Designer

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